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22/12/20 - Deavocado

Unleash the pleasure

The female orgasm for centuries has been a widespread taboo in societies centred on the figure of the dominant male. The sexuality of women, often confined to the sole purpose of procreating children or giving pleasure to men, was seen as a due practice to which women had to lend themselves for the joy of the male.

Today, fortunately, this is no longer the case, and women are also free to experience and express their own intimate pleasure without shame. The female orgasm is a complex phenomenon that affects the body and mind of every woman in a different way, and is the fruit of well-being par excellence.

Being aware of one’s body, of the conformation of the intimate parts and knowing one’s reactions to intimate stimulations helps a woman to have a fully satisfactory sexual relationship with her partner. The woman has a wide orgasmic variability that depends on numerous physical and psychological factors: to turn on a woman’s desire there are a thousand switches and on average a woman takes longer than a man to reach the peak of pleasure.

Technically, orgasm is a reflex, a neuromuscular phenomenon due to the increase in blood flow in the sexual organs subjected to stimulation and arousal during intercourse, but for the complex female psyche it has a larger value associated with emotional and relational variables.

Orgasm is considered the seal on sexual intercourse and the confirmation of the couple’s good sexual understanding. A relaxed psychological condition and complicity with the partner allows the woman to let go and be guided by emotions in a growing climax that culminates with the explosion of pleasure.

During orgasm, oxytocin levels are up to five times higher than those in normal conditions; the so-called “love hormone” promotes mutual attachment and strengthens the couple, lowers stress levels and promotes good mood and self-esteem. Also for this reason, therefore, we can say that making love well helps reproduction and stimulates the proper functioning of the reproductive system.

A woman who respects her body, lives pleasure freely and has a serene relationship with her intimacy, is ready to face all the challenges of life.

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