PECTEN, scientific name of a bivalve shell, a symbol of fertility and femininity, holds within itself the value of protecting and preserving the proper functioning of the human body in a natural way.

From Women

PECTEN GROUP was born out of an intuition of CHIARA MAFFEI regarding the precious properties of some special foods that can contribute to the well-being of the person. An innovative project inspired by the growing demand from consumers for products of natural origin with which to supplement their diet, made with solid scientific support, which aims to provide pharmacists with high quality products to offer their customers.

For Women

The action of PECTEN GROUP is based on the search for the best raw materials and the most innovative processing techniques to achieve the creation of safe and effective products.

The company carries out a careful and scrupulous control of all stages of production and deals directly with the marketing of the products.

I am Chiara Maffei, creator of the Deavocado project. I wish to leave you a thought of mine so that you can know the path that brought this project to life. This year I celebrated my 40th birthday and looking back, thinking about the past years and some periods of my life, in which I have not always loved myself, I realised how much – in addition to the spirit – my health has also been affected. Being a woman today means many things and is a great responsibility. To tell the truth, it has always been like this, but now we are more free, informed and aware, and it is the daily support we dedicate to ourselves that has become fundamental. For this reason, I wanted to create a supplement for the general well-being of women, aimed at supporting our most sensitive organ. We always fight for what we believe in, not just out of a desire for personal fulfilment, but to explore new boundaries, to go beyond our limits and because we get excited about getting involved. We will find ourselves living wonderful years, where everything will be as we want, but we may also run into difficult situations, where we will be required to make some sacrifices. That’s why I decided to make a product for us, a daily habit, a small gesture of happiness for our well-being.

I started collecting shells for love, hence the name of my company: Pecten, the scientific name of the shell that represents for me places of emotions and passion. The shells are resistant, indissoluble and become fossils over time. Digging in the Tuscan countryside you can find them in great quantity, dirty with earth but rich in history and long journeys. Think how much the shell resembles the woman. Delicate at first glance, but then capable of resisting everything, welcoming, protective and magical, on the other hand you can hear the sound of the sea inside the shell. I wish you the most exciting experiences and many dreams to fulfil and I hope you may never give up, whatever your goal of happiness is.

Always listen to the sea within you and Be the pearl of your shell.

Chiara Maffei
Managing Director