Fermented Avocado Preparation

Deavocado® is the result of years of research and studies in the medical field to develop the first product process that allows you to exploit the active ingredients contained in the ripe fruit: FAP®


Exclusive bio-fermentation process obtained by extracting the fresh pulp of the avocado fruit, studied and optimized to ensure the achievement of the highest quality standards and the maintenance of the active ingredient naturally contained in the ripe fruit.

During the fermentation process, bacteria synthesise vitamins, minerals and other active nutrients.
Another advantage is that the fermented ingredient shows a higher stability and an improved capacity to absorb the functional substances contained inside.

FAP® enables us to maintain the qualitative-quantitative profile of the avocado unaltered by stabilising the functional lipid component of the MUFA
which represent 60% of total fats.

an extraordinary combination of
Nature and Science

from Nature, the Raw Material

Avocado 100% of Italian origin Sicilia Avocado

The products of the Deavocado® line are made with 100% Italian avocado coming from the Sicilian Avocado crops. Sicilia Avocado is a farm founded in 2013, active in the production of excellent avocados and subtropical fruit. The Sicilian Avocado crops extend between the slopes of Etna and the Ionian Sea where there is an ideal microclimate, which stimulates the production of excellent avocados: here the soil of volcanic origin – strong, permeable and rich in natural elements – together with the purity of the water extracted from the subsoil, all give each fruit peculiar and valuable organoleptic properties. Sicilia Avocado promotes innovation with a contemporary vision linked to the values ​​of ethics and respect for the environment.

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from Science, a valuable

Collaboration with New Hope Fertility Center

Deavocado® products are the result of years of study by an expert team of technicians and researchers, in collaboration with Dr Emanuela Lazzaroni, laboratory manager and senior embryologist at New Hope Fertility Center, New York City.